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Harmony through Decentralization- DAOs and the Daoist Approach to Collective Wellness blog

Earn With Us: Join Our Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about personal growth, wellness, and the transformative power of technology?


Do you want to share this passion with others and earn while doing so?


Join our Ambassador Program and become a part of our mission to empower lives.

As an Ambassador, you'll receive a 20% commission on offerings (programs, training, services). Whether you're an influencer, a wellness enthusiast, or someone who believes in our cause, this is an opportunity to earn while making a positive impact.

Getting started is easy:


Simply sign up through our Ambassador Signup Page and once approved, you'll be given access to our Ambassador Portal.


If you're already an Ambassador, you can log in through our Ambassador Login Page below.

Join us today and start earning with Together, we can transform lives and create a future of prosperity, peace, sustainability, and innovation.

Coaches, Healers, Practitioners & Teachers.

Join our wellness team.

Birth Date and time (24h format)
Knowledge / Expertise in:
Earliest availability to start:
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